Below you will find interesting videos about FIRST, the Central Ohio Robotics Initiative and FIRST Robotics Competition events 

​Robotics is one of the most promising and exciting industries of the future and has the potential to provide today’s students with fulfilling careers. Our goal is to foster an interest in robotics by challenging students to develop their own robots that can perform multiple tasks in a fun and structured environment. By demonstrating how technology can be put to work in fun and creative ways, we hope to increase the number of students involved in robotics in central Ohio, expand the number of college-bound students interested in technology, and increase the number of college graduates with science and problem solving skills. Long-term, we want to help ensure that central Ohio and the state have the skilled workers that attract new industries and jobs.

CORI is a program of The PAST Foundation.

Morgan Freeman – on FIRST
Enjoy a wonderful and inspirational overview of FIRST, with Morgan Freeman, President Obama and FIRST Founder, Dean Kamen.

View our video and catch the excitement of robotics by seeing the robots, and hearing from our students, team advisors and supporting organizations.
Aerial Assist Game Video
This video describes Aerial Assist, the 2014 FRC Game. We’ve included this link so that you can understand what the students see at the KickOff Event in early January. This is the start of the design build season, which last for six weeks, when the robot will be “bagged & tagged”. Next, on to the competition.

An Exciting Match
We have included this link so that you can see a real match. This match is from the 2010 Buckeye Regional event, held in Cleveland Ohio. A goal of both CORI and OhioFIRST is to create a local regional event, which would allow more teams to compete without the cost of team travel.

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